New Study Discovers Another COVID-19 Epidemic Hit 20,000 Years Ago

  A new study has found evidence that supports that a coronavirus epidemic hit East Asia about 20,000 years ago and resulted in an evolutionary imprint that can still be found within the DNA of people today.   We report evidence of a 25,000 years old coronavirus epidemic in East Asia based on the analysis […]

WATCH: Pandemic Babies React To Doing Things For The First Time

  The pandemic has surely proved to be a tough time for everyone especially for all those pregnant women that welcomed a little one during lockdown.   A study carried out by Home Start showed that since the end of March 2020 over 600,000 babies were born in England.   This meant that they have […]

Here Are 13 Times Women Made History In 2021

  2021 has brought along some major things – like the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and Prince Harry and Meghan leaving Buckingham Palace behind – but it’s also brought some major wins for the females… So, without further ado, take a look at 13 times women made history this year!   Vice President Kamala Harris Became […]