If You Are A Pro Shoe-Sniffer, You Can Now Get Paid For It

  Did you know that you can get paid for shoe sniffing?   In a world of footwear obsessives, the newest releases can sell for thousands and eBay is not a stranger to this as it sells a pair every nine seconds.   For example, Red October Yeezys launched in 2014 for $179 now often […]

South Korea Has Created An E-Tattoo Which Produces Electricity Through Touch

  Have you ever made yourself super comfy in bed and all of a sudden you remember that you forgotten to turn off the light? Then this e-tattoo could be the answer to your problems.   South has successfully created an e-tattoo that can produce electricity which is made from nanofiber paper sticker made of […]

Our Earliest Memories Sourced From The Age of Two Years

  Our earliest memories are sourced from the age of two and a half years old.   Despite being difficult to identify the exact time frame to our earliest memories, a study has found they can begin a whole year earlier than previously thought.   This study  titled ‘What is your earliest memory? It Depends’ […]