WATCH: Queen Insists On Cutting Cake With Huge Ceremonial Sword

  Just in case you needed any more reasons to love the Queen, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II raised quite the laugh during a visit to the Eden Project after she insisted on cutting a cake using an enormous ceremonial sword.   When told by an aide there was a regular knife available, the Queen […]

Fake Courier Scams Stealing Thousands Of Euros Locally With Just One Click

  Over recent weeks, parcel delivery scams – which have been around since April – have intensified, with at least 20 people a day falling victim, and scammers stealing between €800 and €1,800 per victim.     Messages are being sent in Maltese and English, claiming to come from a range of delivery groups such […]

Hungary Passes Law Banning LGBTQ Content For Minors

  Hungary’s parliament has passed a law banning gay people from being featured in scholastic, educational materials, or TV shows for under-18s, as Viktor Orban’s ruling party intensified its campaign against LGBTQ rights.   Hungary has passed legislation that bars sharing LGBTQ content with people under the age of 18. It comes after the ruling […]

Scientists Found Ways To Convert Recycled Plastic Bottles To Vanilla Flavour

  In a effort to combat this growing environmental issue, a group of scientists have discovered a way to convert recycled plastic bottles into vanilla flavouring by using genetically engineered bacteria.   Plastic bottles are the second most common type of plastic pollution and it has led to the material severely impacting the wildlife and […]

Biotech Company Finds Another Life-Saving Treatment For COVID-19

  As BBC News has announced, Biotech company Regeneron has found another treatment for coronavirus that gives hope to COVID-19 patients to overcome the virus – especially those who are seriously affected.   Another life-saving Covid treatment found — BBC Health News (@bbchealth) June 16, 2021   This result was achieved after Regeneron conducted […]

X Factor Malta Will Be Returning For A Third Season

  Alright X Factor fans, we’ve got some good news for you, because X Factor Malta will be returning to our TV screens for a third season! Having skipped a year due to the ongoing pandemic – needless to say – we’ve missed this.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared […]