We Have Been Using The Chopping Board Wrong Our Entire Life

  The creators of chopping boards thought it would be self-explanatory to place a hole at the end of the board, right? Wrong!   Years later, it has been the topic of controversy after one TikToker claimed that we have been using it wrong this entire time.   Apparently what many people have thought to […]

Airbnb Is Ready To Pay You To Live Anywhere In The World For A Year

  Airbnb has launched quite an original giveaway… Yep. The home-sharing platform is paying for 12 lucky participants to spend one year living exclusively in Airbnb listings anywhere around the globe! Ain’t that a dream?!     Oh and, each lucky winner gets to bring up three companions on their year-long travel adventure, which starts […]

Puppies Are Born Ready to Interact With You Soon After Their Birth

  Their cute yawns, their wiggly bottoms and the way they shower you with kisses or maybe those puppy eyes as if they can read your thoughts.   What is not to like about them?     Whatever it is, rest assured that puppies are naturally wired to communicate with you from the moment they […]