Watermelon With Mustard Is The Latest Food Trend & The Internet Is Divided

  Alright, hold up…  now I know the internet has seen some pretty bizarre, unconventional food pairings… but mustard on watermelon? Not convinced. But it seems like the Internet is…   @iamjustinvibes Would You Try This🍉💛😂 #watermelon #mustard #vacay ♬ lemme take you onna vacay – Justin Vibes   I can condone peanut butter on […]

TikTok User Pettily Gets Revenge On Ex By Signing Him Up To Email Newsletters

  Come on, we all love being a little petty from time to time – but this TikTok user, @kristinamakescontent, is not holding back at all!     Replying to a video which asked, ‘What’s something that’s incredibly immature that you will never stop doing?’, to which Kristina said, ‘ever since my ex and I […]

Yep, Your Dog Knows Exactly When You’re Lying & Here’s How

  According to a new study, it turns out that dogs can actually sniff out a liar – so yes, anytime you get suspicious of people after your dog doesn’t like them, they’ve been right. We knew it!     Research at Kyoto University in Japan has revealed that dogs can suss out dishonesty. Scientists […]