Study Shows That Hot Baths And Saunas Prove To Be As Good As Exercising

  A new study emerged and it shows that saunas and hot baths have most of the health benefits as exercise.   This research carried out by the Coventry University has found that ‘heat therapies’ are actually as valuable when it comes to raising the core body temperature and improving your fitness levels. As they […]

Study Finds That The Mediterranean Diet May Prevent Memory Loss & Dementia

  A new study has found that meals inspired by traditional foods from our beloved, sunny Mediterranean may actually lower the risk for dementia by interfering with the build-up of two proteins, amyloid, and tau, into the plaques and tangles of Alzheimer’s disease.     On top of that, the Mediterranean diet was even named […]

New Study Finds Drinking In Moderation Is Good For The Heart

  With bars opening back up again and restaurants staying open till midnight, we are happy to announce that scientists have discovered that drinking a moderate amount of alcohol daily can lower the risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases by up to 20%!     Make ours a large glass this weekend then! …Anyways, the […]

Italian Artist Is Selling His Invisible Sculptures for $18,000

  We have seen blank canvases in art galleries, and digital artists are making millions of dollars selling NFT artworks however the Italian sculptor Salvatore Garau took things further by creating a sculpture that doesn’t exist in physical form and is made from air and spirit.   Basically the sculpture only exists in the buyer’s […]

9 Times Harry Styles Supported The LGBTQ Community

  It’s no secret that Harry Styles has been a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ community for years, ever since his One Direction days. From waving pride flags at concerts to helping a fan come out, here are 9 times when Harry Styles proved himself to be a champion for the LGBTQ community…   He […]