The Big Bay hunt

WIN €2000 IN CASH THE BIG BAY HUNT Welcome to the Big Bay Hunt This summer we will be taking 5 listeners to a secret location for the ultimate cash hunt. Each person will be able to get a friend or partner to take with them to help them out. The secret location will be unveiled […]

Karens Are Slowly Becoming Extinct, As Baby Name Experiences A Sudden Drop

  Thanks to the negative connotation it has picked up on social media, the name ‘Karen’ seems to be a pretty big no-no these days, so much so that the name has drastically plummeted off the popularity lists recently…     And if you’re unaware, people are often referred to as ‘a Karen’ if they […]

Malta’s Active COVID-19 Cases Now Stand At 74

  After 2,545 swab tests which were carried out in the past 24 hours, 2 new COVID-19 cases were registered while 4 people recovered. This brings Malta’s Active COVID-19 cases down to 74, as the downward trend of the past week seems to be continuing.     Meanwhile, no deaths were registered overnight at Mater […]

Here’s Why Your Pup Needs Sun Cream Too This Summer

  This might come as a surprise but, yes, dogs actually need sun cream too! Just like humans, our fur babies can get sunburnt, especially in areas where their fur is thinner or on the nose, ears, the tip of their tail, or on their bellies…     While fur helps, it doesn’t protect from […]

Ariana Grande Is Reportedly Launching Her Own Beauty Line

  Following rumours of a potential beauty line by Harry Styles, new reports suggest that Ariana Grande is also preparing to launch her own brand. As revealed by beauty insider @trendmood1, the newlywed singer has recently filed a trademark for God Is A Woman, named after her iconic, 2018 hit track.     The upcoming […]