WATCH: In 1984 A Video Was Released Explaining How To Check Your Email

  A video which dates back to 1984 demonstrates how to send an email shows how far technology has come.   At this day and age, this video feels surreal watching it as checking your email is usually as quick asclicking an icon on your phone.   Which has made it a challenge to avoid […]

A Look Back At Our Favourite Eurovision Winners Along The Years

  We are only a couple of hours away from the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest and tonight, Malta pauses for a while, and will be rooting for Destiny with the song Je Me Casse.   In the meantime, check out our favourite Eurovision winners below:   EUPHORIA – LOREEN (SWEDEN) Throwing it […]

A Tiktoker Is Recreating Dishes From Our Favourite Movies

  Most of the time, a movie we watch features some finger licking good dishes that makes you want to switch places with the characters eating it at all costs.   Infact Disney is particularly good at presenting these sort of dishes from cheesy pizzas to mouth-watering sweet treats and also other food item like […]

New Study Finds Long Working Hours Are Killing 745,000 People Annually

  The World Health Organisation has announced that working for over 55 hours a week can pose threat to peoples’ health, as overworking can lead to stroke and heart disease. The study found that long hours are actually killing hundreds of thousands of people every year!     Those working over 55 hours each week […]