WATCH: London’s Getting A Life-Sized Monopoly Game This Summer

  It’s no secret that many of us have resorted to playing board games over the ongoing course of the pandemic – so why not amplify your gaming experience and take part in a life-sized game of Monopoly on the streets of London?     That’s right, Gamepath is launching a 4D experience game that […]

Nose Jobs The Most Sought After Plastic Surgery Procedure

  Oh well, the zoom effect is real.   And it is effecting everything including our noses.     According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, rhinoplasty was the most asked for cosmetic surgical procedure in 2020.   Findings released by the organisation showed that there has been a changing attitude towards plastic surgery […]

‘World’s First’ Brain Device Translates Thoughts Onto Computer

  For the first time ever, scientists have managed to translate someone’s mental handwriting into text on a screen in an instant.   Which is possible thanks to the use of a brain-computer interface.   This follows Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain chip which was shown off to the public  in a pig named Gertrude so far. […]

New Study Suggests That Vegetarians Are Much Healthier Than Meat Eaters

  A new study from the University of Glasgow has suggested that vegetarians are much healthier than meat-eaters, even when considering factors such as age, obesity, smoking, and alcohol consumption.     This research, which looked into the biomarkers of over 166,000 UK adults, looked at the association with h19 blood and urine biomarkers in […]