New Study Finds Increase In Video Calls Linked To More Stress

  Over the past year, working from home has become the new norm for many people, thanks to coronavirus. So, most meetings and interviews have now gone virtual, but that has its repercussions too…     According to research published by Microsoft’s Work Lab, back-to-back online meetings can cause stress and states that breaks in […]

TikTok Allegedly Adding A New Recruitment Tool Feature

  It looks like TikTok could be expanding its offerings beyond crafty video edits and choreographed dances, as according to a report from Axios, the social media giant is reportedly testing a job recruitment tool on the app!     This comes as an attempt to connect users with jobs, companies, brands, and recruiters! Plus, […]

Only 4 New COVID-19 Cases Registered Overnight As 7 People Recover

  After 1,996 swab tests which were carried out in the past 24 hours, 4 new COVID-19 cases were registered while 7 people recovered. This brings Malta’s Active COVID-19 cases down to 189, as the downward trend of the past week seems to be continuing.     Meanwhile, once again, no deaths were registered overnight, […]

WATCH: Netflix Drops Trailer For Lupin Season 2 & Release Date

    Lupin fans rejoice! Lupin – the Netflix French series that released its episodes last January – became the most-watched French-language series ever, so much so that it has been watched by 70 million households in a month!     Anyways, with Season 1 clearly leaving people wanting for more, Season 2 is expected […]

WATCH: The Ellen DeGeneres Show Is Officially Ending After 19 Seasons

  Ellen DeGeneres is ending her infamous daytime talk show, as she announced today in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. This means that the show’s upcoming season, the 19th, will be the last.   Today is a big day. Next season is a big season. — Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) May 13, 2021   […]