Rome Has Launched A Pizza Vending Machine & People Aren’t Happy

  Okay, we all know how notoriously protective the Italians are over their food – but, they do have a good reason to be outraged after a pizza vending machine was installed in their capital city…     Basically, the Mr. Go Pizza machine recently debuted in Rome, offering hungry residents – or let’s be […]

Malta’s Active COVID-19 Cases Down To 252

  After 1,956 swab tests which were carried out in the past 24 hours, 12 new COVID-19 cases were registered while 19 people recovered. This brings Malta’s Active COVID-19 cases down to 252, as the downward trend of the past week seems to be continuing.     Meanwhile, however, a 95-year-old female died at Mater […]

You Can Now Get A Pet Collar to Match Your Engagement Ring

    There is a jeweller out there named Taylor & Hart thought of the dreamiest way to include your dog in the proposal.   They invented a pendent for your dog to match your engagement ring!     This is the ultimate accessory for any dog parent whether you plan to include your pup […]

New Survey Finds That People Are Showering Less Because Of The Pandemic

  You might think that people would want to shower more in the wake of a pandemic, but it looks like some people are actually showering less…     As a recent poll has found, 46% of people in the UK have ditched make-up and hairstyling – but some are taking this a step further… […]

WATCH: Netflix Drops Thrilling Trailer For ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

  Alright, Stranger Things fans – the time has come… Netflix has FINALLY dropped the ominous teaser for the upcoming, fourth season of Stranger Things, and things aren’t looking good for Eleven…     From what we can tell, the teaser appears to be set at the Hawkins National Laboratory, hinting at the return of […]