Woman From ‘Disaster Girl’ Meme Sells Original Photo for $430,000

  We are pretty sure that at some point we have all related to the ‘Disaster Girl’ meme. However, one of us valued this image so much, that they were willing to fork out thousands of dollars for it.     The iconic image of four-year-old Zoe Roth smirking at the camera whilst a house […]

7 Things Everyone That Has Allergies Right Now Can Relate To

  Spring has finally sprung – regular complaints about temperatures have resumed, parking anywhere in the vicinity of a beach is once again impossible, and the Eurovision song is starting to haunt us even in our dreams! Fun spring activities aside, the season has also brought with it some feelings allergy sufferers know all too […]

Train Conductor Finds Bag Full Of Diamond Rings Worth $100,000

  A Long Island train conductor experienced a stroke of luck when he came across a bag filled with a whopping $100,000 worth of diamond rings on a train!     What was just a normal working day for Yellowday turned out to be much more when he discovered the 36 diamond rings…safe to say it wasn’t […]

Nobody Can Believe That This Man Is A Grandfather At The Age Of 39

  A TikToker shocked his followers with a statement he made when he used an eye-catching caption ‘The finest for the finest #grandpalife’, leaving everyone… confused after sharing a video where he could be seen taking a baby bottle to his wife, who was holding a baby and left everyone questioning his age.   @carlpaoli […]