Here Are 9 Rules You Didn’t Know Royal Children Have To Follow

  As you may or may not, being a member of the British Royal family can be…complex. It comes with its fair share of pomp, circumstance, and protocol – and that extends to even the youngest of the Windsors. From wardrobe choices to diet restrictions, here are the dos and don’ts for royal children…   […]

Malta’s Active COVID-19 Cases Now Stand Below The 500 Mark

  After 2,112 swab tests which were carried out in the past 24 hours, 25 new COVID-19 cases were registered while 35 people recovered. This brings Malta’s Active COVID-19 cases down to 465, as the downward trend of the past week seems to be continuing.     Meanwhile, however, a 67-year-old male died at Mater […]

Coffee & Wine Among The Foods Being Impacted By Climate Change

  Clearly, food is a MAJOR part of our lives, both as sustenance and as experience, but in a few decades, rising sea levels and fluctuating temperatures could completely transform where and how we harvest our food – from our morning coffee to the rice in our plate at dinner.     These changes also […]

People Are Actually Breeding Digital Horses & Spending Real Money On Them

  New cryptocurrency trends are always on the rise, and in of sports’ newest crypto-trends, Zed Run, Tamagotchi meets Churchill Downs, as the hyped-up online game allows for digital horse ownership and just about anything you’d want to do with a real horse, racing, trading and yep, breeding too…     This Virtually Human studio […]