Check Out These Incredible Paintings By Prince Philip

  Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh was more than a consort to HM and husband to the Queen, he was also a painter who was highly interested in art, design, and painting.   A painting of Prince Philip by Edward Seago   This might ring a bell because his son, Prince Charles, has had […]

There’s A Website That Checks If Google Is Spying On You

  Ever wondered why your adverts seem a little too accurate? Well, turns out Google could be spying on you – and whilst Apple was the first to introduce a new feature to let you know if your phone was listening in on you, there’s a new way of finding out…     Although Google […]

47 New COVID-19 Cases Registered Overnight, As 52 People Recover

  After 2,036 swab tests which were carried out in the past 24 hours, 47 new COVID-19 cases were registered while 52 people recovered. This brings Malta’s Active COVID-19 cases down to 553, as the downward trend of the past week seems to be continuing.     Meanwhile, no deaths were registered overnight, maintaining Malta’s […]

WATCH: It’s Been 60 Years Since The First Spaceflight Took Place

  60 years ago today, back in 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first person in history to visit space, securing victory for Moscow in its race against Washington to mark the new chapter of space exploration…     However, several details about the mission were kept secret for years by the Soviets, so many speculated […]

Sony To Bring Popular PlayStation Games To Mobile

  Given the roaring success of games like Fortnite and PUBG, Sony is now planning to make its popular PlayStation titles available on mobile to target a wider audience…     As reported by Eurogamer, the gaming giant is hiring an executive to lead the mobile division of PlayStation Studios, reading, ‘You will be responsible […]

WATCH: Kid Cudi Pays Tribute To Kurt Cobain In Floral Dress On SNL

  Kid Cudi has recently taken over headlines after his performance on the latest Saturday Night Live show, featuring an eye-catching floral dress paying tribute to the late Kurt Cobain…     Hosted by Carey Mulligan, the musician appeared on stage in a show-stopping number similar to the design worn by the former Nirvana vocalist. […]