Emma Stone Gives Birth To Her First Child

  TMZ recently found out that Emma Stone gave birth on Saturday, 13th March in the L.A. area. There was no word yet on if they had a boy or a girl.   Emma was seen last month with a significant baby bump out in L.A. giving us Morticia Adams vibes in her long black […]

The 7 Things We Never Want To See Again Once This Pandemic Is Over

  It’s safe to say that everyone’s basically sick of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic by now… and we don’t blame them! So, we’re breaking down all of the things that we never want to see again once this is all over… Never.   The Rule of Six/Four     Don’t get me wrong, people can […]

ClubHouse Media Group Signs On The Dobre Brothers & Opens All-New Dobre House

  The YouTube stars, known as the Dobre Brothers, have officially been signed on by the ClubHouse Media Group, and have opened the Dobre House!   “Clubhouse Media Group $CMGR signs YouTube stars, The Dobre Brothers & officially opens The Dobre House”We are excited to bring your more groundbreaking news for our #Clubhouse brand! https://t.co/KaxvJQrG5A […]

Malta’s Active COVID-19 Cases Now Below the 2,000 Mark

  After 2,252 swab tests which were carried out in the past 24 hours, 103 new COVID-19 cases were registered while 332 people recovered. This bring’s Malta’s Active COVID-19 cases down to 1,853, as the downward trend of the past week seems to be continuing. Meanwhile, however, 4 males aged 68, 72, 73 and 80 […]

So, the Crazy Frog had his penis out the whole time

  Do you remember the Crazy Frog, the animated character turned “musician” that dominated the airwaves in the early-2000s? Well, almost 2 decades after his original debut, people have made an unsound revelation that he has had his penis out all this time.     We first met him as “The Annoying Thing” in his […]

Prince Harry Is Now A Chief Impact Officer At A Tech Startup

  Following his resignation from all royal duties last February, Prince Harry has now taken on a new job as the Chief Impact Officer at BetterUp!   We are honored to welcome Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex as BetterUp’s first Chief Impact Officer. Learn more about how he will work to champion the importance […]

Apple Allegedly Developing New Watch With Flexible Wrap-Around Display

  Looks like Apple is banking on adding to its SE and Series 6 designs, as the tech giant is now rumoured to be developing a new iteration of the Apple Watch, and is expected to have a minimal yet functional design…     According to the infamous MacRumours, the updated product is expected to […]

Longer Days Are Coming – Clocks Going Forward This Sunday!

  Although temperatures aren’t really signalling summer just yet, the longer days may just do the trick.   This Sunday 28th March, the clocks are going forward at 2:00 am so that we can start enjoying more daylight. This does mean that we’re going to have to be sleeping less on Saturday. So, make sure […]