Former Convict Turned Model Jeremy Ray Meeks Poses For Charles & Ron

  Remember the meme about the mugshot of a hot convict? Well, he’s not a convict anymore and is now a rising American fashion model…Meet Jeremy Ray Meeks, who has more recently posed for local stars and designers Charles and Ron!     CLEARLY, Jeremy has absolutely nailed the Charles & Ron photoshoot, which we […]

‘Zoom Fatigue’ Is A Real Thing – And Here’s Why…

  No, you’re not alone… Zoom fatigue is totally real, and Stanford researchers have unveiled the four main causes behind video call burnout because yes. They can be incredibly exhausting.     Researchers have just published a study that delves into what causes ‘Zoom Fatigue’, aka physical and mental exhaustion caused by several video meetings […]

New Study Reveals That Some People Are Genetically Born To Nap

  If you’re one of those people who hits the snooze a bit too often, then, first of all, welcome to the club! – but second of all, it looks like some of us were actually born to nap, as a new study has revealed.     I am incredibly delighted to tell you that […]