Ian Somerhalder Rules Out A Ninth Season For Vampire Diaries

  The Vampire Diaries’ star, Ian Somerhalder, who is best-known for playing bad-boy vampire Damon Salvatore, has shared that he is not interested in reprising his role, should the show return for a ninth season.     The beloved series aired between 2009 and 2017, and concluded with eight seasons, having aired 171 episodes in […]

Local Tennis Player Francesca Curmi Strikes Again As She Makes It Into Monastir Finals

  What a comeback win! 18-year-old Maltese tennis player, Francesca Curmi, has struck again and made Maltese history as she makes her way into the Monastir finals, a leading tennis tournament in Tunisia.   Francesca Curmi’s amazing run continues. Eighteen year old Francesca Curmi continued her impressive run in the Futures… Posted by Malta Tennis […]

Science Confirms That Dalmatians Are Officially The Cutest Dog Breed

  It looks like science has spoken, as Dalmatians are confirmed to be the world’s cutest dog breed!     To defer the cutest pup of all, 100 of the most popular dog breeds were ranked through a ‘golden ratio’ – aka, an ancient algebraic equation that determines how aesthetically pleasing something is to the […]