New Study Finds That Dinosaurs Might Have been Killed Off By a Comet

  A new study claims that dinosaurs might have been killed off by a comet, saying that the statistical possibility of a long-period comet capable of striking Earth and causing mass extinction is about one in every 3.8 billion to 11 billion years.       This basically means that dinosaurs might have been killed […]

Here Are All of The Biggest Trends for Spring & Summer 2021

  February will soon be nearing its end, which means that Spring is right around the corner – thing netting, sequins, spaciousness, and patterns that would oddly fit bus seats… So, we’re here to cover all of the trends that you should be expecting this Spring and Summer!   Monochrome     Black and white […]

Daniel Radcliffe & Harry Potter Cast Might Be Returning For A New Film

  It’s been nearly a decade, but it looks like Daniel Radcliffe and the gang are in the talks to return to Hogwarts in a new (currently undisclosed) adventure.     Back in 2007, the way J.K. Rowling concluded things for the Chosen One made it seem like a conclusive end, but then Harry Potter […]

WATCH: Microsoft Announces New Xbox Wireless Headset

  Microsoft has just announced a new wireless gaming headset to be used with its latest Xbox Series X consoles. So if you’re one of the lucky people who managed to get hold of an Xbox Series S or X, you might want to pay attention to this…   Dial in is the new game […]

WATCH: Netflix Releases Interactive Movie With Bear Grylls

  Animals on the Loose: A You vs. Wild Interactive Movie is now streaming on Netflix, a movie in which you can make renowned British adventurer Bear Grylls’ gross and/or tough choices.     That’s right! Bear Grylls’ Netflix series You vs. Wild has now spun off into a new special movie, inspired by his […]

Pet Cat ‘Cries’ Into Security Camera Whenever Owners Leave

  It’s national love-your-pet day, and we’ve got an adorable story for you of a pet cat who surely loves their owners… so much so that the cat cries into the security camera when the owners leave, as the footage sweetly caught!     Fu Fu is a British Shorthair cat from the Chinese city […]