14 Sailing Boats Donated to Local Sailing Clubs and Federations

  Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg donated 14 sailing boats for the use of the Maltese Sailing National Team and Local Sailing Clubs. Minister Ian Borg said, “With this investment, we will be encouraging more participation as well as further promoting the sport of yachting. We want Malta to also achieve […]

WATCH: Manchester United Players Select Their Favourite ‘Moments in Malta’

  Manchester United stars Paul Pogba, Victor Lindelof, and Brandon Williams created their ideal Maltese postcards by choosing their most favourite spots around the Island!     Take a look at the players’ choices here:   The iconic English Football Club partnered in sponsorship with Visit Malta, and the boys got to flip through and […]

WATCH: Dad Starts Hilarious Podcast with Toddler Daughter

  Okay, if there’s one thing we cannot deny, it’s that young children can be absolutely hilarious and entertaining – and this Dad realised it, so he started a podcast with his toddler daughter, and people are swooning over their adorable bond!   @7eth Obviously a funny topic 😂 THANK YOU FOR 640k!! 🎉🦩👨‍👧 ♬ […]

New Years Resolutions We All Know We Are Not Going to Keep

  January is nearing its end, but year after year, we make resolutions that we aim to keep – but we never really do… Just before we celebrate the start of the new year, we think up all the things we want to improve and make an ENTIRE list. So without further ado, here are […]

Valentine’s Day For ‘All The Single Ladies’ (and Lads) Out There!

  Yes, we know. V-Day is upon us, yet again and we’re still as single as a pringle. But hey, that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate it too! Valentine’s Day is not just a feast for those with a significant other, BUT it’s a celebration of love and friendship! So, here are 4 things […]

New Measures To Be Announced Soon, as Bars are to Remain Shut – Prime Minister

  Prime Minister Robert Abela has confirmed with The Times of Malta that bars will not be reopening as planned on Monday, while also announcing that new measures, particularly targeting the Carnival weekend will soon be announced. The Prime Minister said that these measures will apply for the month of February, and, where applicable, they […]

Disney+ Blocks Young Children From Watching Dumbo & Peter Pan

  Disney+ has blocked children under the age of seven from watching several films with characters based on racist stereotypes, including Dumbo (1941), Peter Pan (1953), Swiss Family Robinson (1960), and The Aristocats (1970).     These movies can now only be watched with parental consent, a decision which came after Disney+ started including warnings […]

A Harry Potter TV Series is Officially in Early Development

  Rumours have recently spiked that a show set within the wizarding world would be happening, and they have persisted, so much so that plans seem to be moving forward now…     Currently, no writers or talent are attached to the project, but sources have confirmed that conversations have taken place with multiple writers […]

89.7 Bay and Malta Public Transport Team Up for “Pollution Solution”

  Malta’s Number 1 Radio Station, 89.7 Bay is teaming up with Malta Public Transport on a campaign aimed at raising awareness about the environmental benefits of using buses, and the positive long-term effects this has on our wellbeing. As the name clearly implies, traveling by bus instead of by car is indeed, the Pollution […]