LifeCycle Malta Foundation Donates €25,000 to UM Research Trust (RIDT)

  The LifeCycle Malta Foundation is donating a sum of €25,000 to the University of Malta’s Research, Innovation & Development Trust (RIDT) for its investigation into polycystic kidney disease (PKD)!     The foundation’s chairperson, Dr. Shirley Cefai, thanked Nestlé Malta for making this sponsorship possible, referring to it as a ‘team effort despite the […]

WATCH: Netflix Drops Trailer For New Series Based on The 2000s Winx Club

  Netflix has just released a trailer for its upcoming live-action Fate: The Winx Saga, giving the vibrant 2000s animation a gritty, familiar live-action makeover!     Based on the long-running Italian cartoon, Winx Club, which emphasises female friendship and follows a team of powerful fairies, the live-action take will take an edgier leap with […]

SNEAK PEEK: Malta Air To Get Its First Boeing 737 MAX

  Boeing, an aerospace company, has officially started to assemble the first Boeing 737 MAX aircraft for Malta Air, and will be delivering it in Malta Air’s red-and-white, Maltese attire!   Photo Credits: Ryanair/MaltaAir   The airplane was certified for safety by the US late last year, after having been grounded for a few months. […]

Young Maltese Engineer Seals Job with a Massive Tech Giant

  Amy Markham is another young Maltese woman, making quite a name for herself in the tech industry abroad. Following last year’s success by Simran Mohnani, Amy has landed herself a job with one of Europe’s, if not one of the world’s biggest tech giants, Siemens. Amy was a St Aloysius College student, before packing […]

Peaky Blinders To End After Sixth & Final Series

  The upcoming sixth series of crime drama Peaky Blinders will be the last, as writer and creator Steven Knight has confirmed.     Like most movies and television series this year, filming has been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. However, Knight confirmed that the show is ‘back with a bang’ and warned fans […]

Here is How Money from Contraventions is Being Put to Good Use

  We all get the wrong type of feels and emotions everytime a warden pulls us over to give us a driving contravention, or when we receive a nice LESA letter in our mail, notifying us of what we did wrong, and how much we have to pay for it. Contraventions exist to turn us […]

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout: Malta Among the Top 10 Countries Worldwide

  As the race against time has intensified for people all over the world to be inoculated with one of the COVID-19 vaccines currently available, Financial Times has given a rundown of where the countries everywhere stand. With Israel and the United Arab Emirates leading the way, with over 25% and over 15% of the […]