Beyoncé Gifts Friends Hilarious Yet Sentimental Necklace to Kiss 2020 Goodbye

  Beyoncé ended the year with a little bit of humour by designing and gifting a custom 2020 diamond pendant that has a… peculiar design feature.     To commemorate the challenging year, the singer gave her friends a diamond ‘2020’ pendant necklace that’s cheekily designed to look like a hand raising a middle finger. […]

A Year In Style

  2020 might have kicked off its start by decking out at the Red Carpet, but COVID-19 soon hit, and face masks and sweatpants reigned. Thankfully, the year is now over, and we welcome 2021 with open arms and hope, but here’s a look back at all the iconic style moments of 2020…   Red […]

Michael B. Jordan Will Be Directing The Third Installment Of The Rocky Series

  Creed III co-star Tessa Thompson plans to one-up Michael B. Jordan’s Sexist Man Alive title as she reveals he will be directing the movie, jokingly sharing, ‘I’m just going to tell him to dial down the sexiness’.     In an interview with MTV, Thompson revealed that Jordan will not only be reprising his […]