Marvel Will Not Recast Blank Panther Following Chadwick Boseman’s Death

  Whilst the legacy of Black Panther will continue, last Thursday, Marvel Studios announced that they won’t be recasting the character of Black Panther, played by the late and dear Chadwick Boseman.     Though the Black Panther franchise will continue, no one new will be replacing Boseman’s iconic role. As the head of Marvel […]

Nerf Unveil Mandalorian-Themed Sniper Rifle

  Watching (and re-watching) the Mandalorian has certainly made me wish I were a part of the exciting Star Wars universe, flying spacecraft and firing cool-looking blasters. While personal spacecraft may be a little out of our reach, Nerf has got us covered when it comes to the cool-looking blasters!     And who better […]

A David Bowie Coin was Launched into Space

  The Royal Mint has just launched a David Bowie themed coin to commemorate the late singer – but it wouldn’t have done the artist justice if they merely revealed the coin to the public, so they literally launched it into space!     Paying homage to Bowie’s space-themed music, ranging from his break-out hit […]

Prof Charmaine Gauci, Dr Chris Barbara among the Recipients of the Republic Day Honours

Malta is celebrating Republic Day today and as is customary, after delivering a speech to the Nation, the President of Malta, presents the Republic Day Honours to distinguished persons for their outstanding work for Malta and the Maltese.     Among the 2020 Recipients this year, Professor Charmaine Gauci and Malta’s top virologist Dr Chris […]

Pantone Announces Its Colours for 2021!

  As this year is coming to a close, Pantone has announced the colours for the upcoming year, with this year’s colour having been Classic Blue, which is a familiar, calming shade of an azure blue…     But for the new year, Pantone has decided to pick two colours, Ultimate Gray, which is otherwise […]