WATCH: Fully Driverless Taxis to Launch on Public Roads in Chinese City

  Seems like the future is rushing towards Shenzhen city in China, as last Thursday, AutoX revealed that Shenzhen has given them the green light to launch their self-driving taxis on the public roads in the city!     As you might have guessed, AutoX is the company responsible for developing these futuristic self-driving taxis, […]

WATCH: The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights Gets A Remix

  Blinding Lights quickly and easily became one of the catchiest tunes this year, with the song blowing up on radio waves and TikTok. I mean, who can’t hum the catchy synth tune on demand?     Anyway, this massive track just got a remix from Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalia, who was on the track TKN […]