WATCH: Valletta Never Looked So Good!

  Valletta is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and that is not because we are biased, but because it truly is due to its mix of history, culture, character, more history, and breathtaking views! Valletta, The Fortress City, Citta’ Umilissima, “a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen” is Malta’s capital city: […]

WATCH: Netflix releases Emotional video “Motherhood in Focus”

  The renowned streaming service, Netflix, dropped a heart-warming video in honour of all mothers who work in Hollywood, bringing motherhood into focus, and we’re totally here for it!     Netflix released the short video along with a statement, “To the working moms in Hollywood, the moms who direct and act and produce and […]

One of Malta’s Literature Giants Passes Away

The much loved author and teacher, Professor Oliver Friggieri passed away today, aged 73. Professor Friggieri is considered one of the giants of Maltese literature having written countless amounts of books, poems and novels in Maltese.     He also published a number of studies about Malta’s National Poet, Dun Karm Psaila. Many of Professor […]

Things Only People Who Hate Shopping Will understand

  Given that Black Friday’s coming up, not to mention the holidays, it’s soon time to go shopping. And whilst those words might be music to some ears, some of us just. can’t. stand. shopping. And if you’re married and are often dragged to go shopping with your wife, or if you’ve ever been shopping […]