5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Netflix’s Ground-breaking Show POSE!

  Wildly under-appreciated, one of Ryan Murphy’s countless TV shows is currently filming its third season. Originally on FX, POSE revolves around the 1980s underground ballroom scene in New York, with the stories of the main characters flooded with experiences of love, hope, relationships, and sometimes, even heartaches. Why should you watch this avant-garde show? […]

Son of a Maltese Immigrant Elected in the US

  Darrin Camilleri, son of Maltese immigrant, was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives to represent District 23, after this week’s election. “I’m excited to continue our work to protect public education, fight for working families, and finally solving some of our train problems. I want to thank each and every person who has believed […]

What The US Election Will Mean For Malta

  With the eyes of the world still peeled on the likes of CNN, Sky, FOX and abc, in what seems to be everyone’s welcome break from the daily quest to find out the new COVID numbers, the historic American Presidential Election has turned into one of the most nail-biting pieces of TV in recent […]