University of Malta Issues Update About 2020 Graduation Ceremonies

  The University of Malta has informed graduands that this year’s graduation ceremonies will be held at a later date in a safe and secure way. In a communication sent to each graduand, the University explained that with the current restrictions, it is not possible to hold graduation ceremonies for the 3500 students who are […]

It’s Official! YOU is Back for a Third Season

  Production has commenced on Season 3 of YOU after it was halted due to the pandemic. The thriller/ crime drama first aired in 2017 and has since released 2 seasons on Netflix.     The series follows Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and his sinister quest for love, which; spoiler alert – does not end […]

Retro Game Consoles in a Hotel Room? YES PLEASE!

  This one is for those 70’s babies that lived through the genesis of the home gaming console, or any modern gamer that respects the humble origins of video games that eventually evolved into the PS5’s everyone wants to buy. From Pong to Pac-Man, You must know I’m referring to Atari! Atari has become a […]

WhatsApp Introduces A Much-Needed New Feature!

  The Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp, is launching a “Disappearing Message” feature, which would enable users to send messages – both individually and in a group chat – that will disappear automatically after 7 days. To turn the feature on, simply go onto your WhatsApp account, press on the desired contact’s name, and then select […]

WATCH: The Boys Dominate Malta’s Most-Liked TikToks

  There’s no denying that since March, TikTok’s popularity in Malta rose, with most of the Maltese population, of all age, size, shape, orientation and any other variable under the sun jumping on the bandwagon and getting extremely creative with their content. Well, hundreds of videos and some content houses later, we can safely say […]

WATCH: Understanding What’s Currently Happening in the American Elections

  States, Battlegrounds, Blue States, Red States, Early-Voting and so on are terms which have been doing the rounds on all major news networks over the past hours, and if you are not like us, and have not stayed up all night, here is where things stand at the moment. Contrary to the clear-cut expected […]