BREAKING: New COVID-19 Restrictive Measures Announced

  In a Press Conference tonight at Castille, Prime Minister Robert Abela said that we are at a critical juncture of the country’s fight against the pandemic where the balance between economy and health is of the utmost importance, adding that on Monday, during the Presentation of the Budget, the Government will be announcing new […]

Is Selena Gomez Embracing a New Career?

  Selena is definitely making the best out of the misery that 2020 has brought with it. 2020 for some meant a disruption in their life of any sort, be it routine, be it social life, and for some even disruption in their work, with many having to find different jobs to make some sort […]

If ‘Emily in Paris’ Was Set In Malta…

  October has brought with it the return of the academic year, and along with it binge-watching procrastination season has also returned. And it seems many others feel the same, seeing that Emily in Paris has been Number 1 in Malta’s Top 10 on Netflix since it came out. In honour of its two week […]

Got a New Version of Messenger? Here’s Why!

  Looks like it’s a big week for all things Tech. Following Apple’s Event earlier this week, and Google’s new Search Functions a couple of days ago, Facebook wanted in on all the action too. Over the past days Messenger got a new look to mark Facebook’s continued evolution from a simple way to message […]

WATCH: Song Stuck In Your Head? You Can Now Hum to Search

  Do you know that song that goes, “da daaaa da da daaaa na naa naa ooohh yeah”? Or the one that starts with the guitar chords going, “da na na naa”? We all know how frustrating it is when you can’t remember the name of a song or any of the words but the […]