ITS Opens Its Doors for the New Scholastic Year with a Record Intake of Students

  During the official opening ceremony which was aired online, the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) opened the academic year 2020-2021. This year, the institute has recorded its highest intake to date. When compared to the previous year, the institute recorded a 22.2% increase and a 136% increase from the academic year 2018-2019. The highest […]

COVID-19 Leads to Changes in THIS Emoji by Apple

  Some emojis out there are used far more than others, whether it’s the flirty-kissing emoji, whether it’s the heart, whether is the MEH emoji, of even the thumbs-up. But, there is one emoji which only became pretty popular this year, and it is now probably the most relatable one of them all.     […]

Confirmed: The Government’s 2021 Budget Set for 19th October

  As Parliament resumed today, so did the Parliamentary Committees. In today’s meeting of the House Business Committee, The Government’s Whip, Hon Glenn Bedingfield announced that the Government’s budget for 2021 will be announced on the 19th October, two weeks from today. This will be followed by the reaction from the New Leader of the […]

Minor Accident at the Maritime Museum, No One Injured

  No one was injured in a minor accident which occurred at around eight this morning at the Maritime Museum in Vittoriosa. The accident happened when a tower crane’s cable snapped and the small hopper attached to it landed heavily on the Maritime Museum’s roof. Consequently, two stone slabs were damaged.     Action was […]

WATCH: This is Malta’s Number 1 Show on Netflix Right Now

  One of the most magical things about a series is that it can make someone feel as if they were somewhere else and escape reality. This series is just what we needed to escape this pandemic as it is filled with travelling, fashion, feminism and comedy. What is more exciting than a series filled […]

Heading to Uni as a First-Year? These are The Best Socially-Distant Hangouts

  Most of University Lectures will be held online, and exceptions will be made for first-years to attend physically, so that they can get a full experience on campus. Part of the experience on campus is finding ‘your’ spot, especially when you got nothing to do during your free periods. This year, this comes with […]

Courses at the Malta Society of Arts to Resume as From 15th October

  Back in March, the Malta Society of Arts (MSA) was hosting around 25 different courses in the visual, applied, and performing arts. All courses had to be put on hold due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and they will now resume as from Thursday 15 October 2020 following the same time-table.   […]

A Music School for Children with Different Abilities – From Dream to Reality!

  The Malta Trust Foundation will be giving birth to a music school for children with different abilities after it received close to €1 million from its international partners and 15 Maltese entrepreneurs.   Illum tajna bidu għal-proċess li se jwassalna għall-ftuħ ta’ skola tal-mużika speċjalizzata għal tfal b’ħiliet… Publiée par The Malta Trust Foundation […]