5 Catchphrases From FRIENDS That We All Know, Love & Use

  I think that FRIENDS is one series that pretty much everybody loves and watches over and over again. By now, you probably know most (if not all) of the popular phrases that are used throughout the show. This series has brought so much laughter, joy and comfort when watching it and is kind of […]

WATCH: Ben Bailey Makes His Solo Debut with “Candles”

  You may have seen and heard him as a guitarist with Ira Losco, Brooke, and Matthew James for the past few years or as a frontman with local blues band ‘Vinyl Paradise’. Now get ready to see another side of Ben Bailey as he makes his solo debut with ‘Candles’ which is the first […]

Fashion Trends We’re So Glad Are Making a Comeback

  Fashion, as we know, is cyclical…meaning what is, or was, old is undoubtedly bound to someday become new once again. This explains why certain fashion pieces manage to withstand the test of time – black heels, for instance – although vary in style – have been around for decades yet have never become outdated. […]

IN PHOTOS: Malta Commemorates Victory Day

  Victory Day is a public holiday celebrated over here in Malta, every year, on this day, the 8th September. Victory Day recalls the end of three historical sieges which took place in the Maltese Islands. These are, the Great Siege of Malta by the Ottoman Empire ending in 1565; the Siege of Valletta by the French […]

WATCH: Mellieha’s Iconic Red Tower Opens After Major Restoration Project

  Carried out in collaboration with the NGO Din l-Art Helwa, and funded by EU Funds and co-financed by the Malta Tourism Authority, It-Torri ta’ Sant’ Agata ta’ Sdieri, commonly known as the Red Tower – an iconic landmark in the north of Malta – was reopened yesterday after extensive restoration on its exterior and […]