IN PICTURES: The Maltese Chefs Go The Extra Mile In Beirut

Hany Harb, owner of Ali Baba Restaurant is currently leading a team of Maltese Chefs in Beirut, to cook for the thousands of victims following the catastrophic explosion which hit the Lebanese City some days ago. In the weeks leading up to the departure, Hany was also raising funds to use for ingredients when in […]

“Hopes”: ANT is Back with Another Awesome Collaboration

  After a solid first release on Armada Music with Ant’s release ‘Everyday’, Ant is back with a massive collaborative effort. Teaming up with Luke Chappell, his very own friend, to deliver a commercial house track that is the first of its kind locally, showing that Maltese young talent! “I always wanted to write lyrics […]

End of an Era as PBS Pulls the Plug on Xarabank, after 23 Years!

  You all know the sequence of a typical Friday night. Dinner, Dishes, Sofa, Snacks and Xarabank. You all have sat with family and friends watching the programme, oftentimes with the discussion moving to your own living room. That is all about to change as from next Autumn’s new TV Schedule. Peppi Azzopardi, the brains […]

The Wait Is Finally Over: Tenet Is Coming To The Big Screen, This Month!

He’s given us masterpieces like Inception, The Dark Night Trilogy, Dunkirk, and now he’s back with another movie that will blow your minds. Christopher Nolan, one of Hollywood’s hottest filmmakers, is making our 2020 a bit brighter with his latest movie release, Tenet. “Armed with only one word–Tenet–and fighting for the survival of the entire […]

IN PICTURES: Vandalism at Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park

  The Management of the Majjistral Nature and History Park have reported that they have become aware of red arrows being sprayed on the ground, on stones and on rubble walls at and outside of Majjistral Park boundaries. They have also asked for people’s help in reporting any similar sightings which they see.     […]

Hold Everything! Lucifer Season 5 Is Now Available To Stream on Netflix

  Stuck for Weekend Plans? We have it sorted for you, as the first part of Lucifer’s Season 5 is now available to stream on Netflix.     The hit series is back, with Tom Ellis’ Lucifer returning to Los Angeles from hell after heading there at the end of season four to quash a demon […]

BREAKING: 10th COVID-19 Death Registered in Malta

  The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry for Health has just confirmed that a 72-year old man, who was diagnosed with COVID-19, died at Mater Dei Hospital last night. The man had various underlying medical chronic conditions, and was tested for the virus on the 14th August, and was receiving treatment at […]