WATCH: Roberto Benigni’s Award-Winning Pinocchio NOW at EDEN Cinemas

  The Award-Winning and the visually-stunning Pinocchio, which proves just how some tales are timeless, is NOW SHOWING at EDEN Cinemas.     In this new imagining of the iconic classic beloved across the world, Matteo Garrone returns to the authentic roots of the Pinocchio story. With this groundbreaking live-action film shot in stunning Italian […]

Need to Kill Time In Quarantine? InternDave Has the Answers

  As we slowly crawl back into our self-isolation corners, or quarantine for some – it’s good to keep up with what fun and exciting activities we left behind these last two months! So here is a list of my Top 7 Quarantine activities at your disposal!     7. Zoom Dates Sure, meeting your […]

Extremely Malnourished Dog Rescued from Gzira Courtyard

  A call to Animal Welfare from a concerned neighbour led to the rescue of Sheila, a dog which has been starved by her owner for weeks and months. The report was also shared on social media by activist Maxine Borg. While the case is being investigated by the local authorities, Sheila is being given […]

‘Jesus Tok’: In Other Words…Kanye West’s Newest Venture

  We all know what TikTok is; A cluster of teens, trends and sounds living in sweet harmony to create an app that successfully keeps me entertained while on the toilet. Considering TikTok is available to anyone without many restrictions, there is obviously a decent amount of content that might not be considered completely child […]

WATCH: A Record 3,030 Swab Tests Were Carried out in the Past 24 Hours

  After the Health Ministry opened a further two new swabbing centres, in the past 24 hours a record 3,030 tests were carried out in the past 24 hours. From these, 40 new cases were registered and 18 people have recovered. Throughout the pandemic, Malta has always held a high position globally with regards to […]

Malta Ranks Third In The World For COVID-19 Testing Rate

When it comes to testing people for the COVID-19 virus, Malta currently ranks in third place across the globe. In terms of daily tests carried it per 1000 people, Malta is testing more people than any country around the world, except for two: the Gulf nations of UAE and Bahrain. This, according to the […]

This is How Malta Will Deal With Cruise Liners During the Pandemic

  In the coming days, after an absence of five months, the majestic Grand Harbour in Valletta will welcome the first cruise liner in over five months. In fact, MSC Grandiosa, is currently en route to Valletta after a stop-over in Sicily. One could easily say that the world’s eyes on this cruise liner since […]

Walking Dogs for An Hour, Twice Daily, Will Soon Be Law In Germany

  Under new regulations and amendments, German dog owners will be ordered by law to take their pets on hour-long walks twice a day. Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner will introduce new legislation in the Dogs Act to ensure people take their animals for substantial walks rather than short trips around the neighbourhood. She added that this […]