Heading to Uni? THIS is Why You Need To Join A Student Organisation!

  Fresher’s Week, even the sound of it brings back great memories! It is the first greeting to every student commencing or continuing their studies at the University of Malta, organized by KSU, filled with freebies, music, games, and more FREEBIES! Apart from helping first-year students ease into their new routine, to familiarizing themselves with […]

WATCH: Malta’s Very Own ‘Hype House’

  If you’ve ever spent at least five minutes scrolling on TikTok, then I’m almost certain that you would have come across one of the many dancing videos posted daily by the Hype House. Well, the U.S.A. isn’t the only place in the world with a successful TikTok house! @clubhousemalta Wanna join the trend? Duet […]

The Malta Tourism Authority Clarifies Some Grey Areas About Bars and Band Clubs

  Following a social media uproar last night about a somewhat-of-a-u-turn with regards to the closure, or lack thereof, of bars and band clubs, the Malta Tourism Authority has issued a statement to clarify the matter – since the new regulations came into force as at 8am today! With reference to the legal notice published […]

Getting your License in Malta | Expectations vs. Reality

  Before people actually get their license, they’ll envision all that they’d want to do after obtaining that new level of freedom. But little do non-licensed drivers realise that that perception is warped, because once you step out of your instructor’s car for the final time, the training wheels are OFF. To give you a […]

Expect Delays: Traffic Accident Next To Kennedy Grove

  Traffic is being reported along the road which is adjacent to Kennedy Grove, after what seems to be an accident involving a car and a motorbike. A part of the motorbike is stuck in the crash barrier with the rest of the bike is in the middle of the road. Police Officers are on […]