WATCH: 5th Swabbing Test Centre Opens In Malta

In a video released by Facebook page ‘Sahha’, Chris Fearne announces that a 5th swabbing centre has been opened in Qormi. He speaks about the importance of maintaining a social distance, especially in times like these, and shares that health authorities are doing their best to carry out as many tests as possible to find […]

1Run 1Race Athletes Raise €50,000 To Fund Migrants’ Education

  Educational opportunities for migrant students are about to multiply after 1Run 1Race — which saw two friends run a gruelling 190km in 35 hours — raised €50,000, more than three times the original target. Emboldened by the public’s response to their cause, hospitality consultant Claudio Camilleri and CEO Patrick Tabone had appealed for one […]

Flamingo Pays Swimmers of Ghadira and Birzebbugia A Surprise Visit

One flamingo dropped by at Ghadira and Birzebbugia, Thursday afternoon, paying swimmers in the area a surprise visit. To be honest, it is not clear whether it was the same bird who flew to both beach spots, but the flamingo felt confident enough to swim very close to bathers nearby. BirdLife Malta said the bird […]

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber Volunteers for Vaccine Trial, Saying He’ll Do Anything To Prove Theatres Can Reopen Safely

  Famed composer Andrew Lloyd Webber has volunteered for a coronavirus vaccine trial and claimed he will “do anything” to prove that theaters can reopen safely. Lloyd Webber took part in the trials for the COVID-19 vaccine currently being developed by the University of Oxford and pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. It is one of a number of vaccines to have shown encouraging […]