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Ben Camille and Xtina Welcome Their New Baby Boy To This World

  After announcing in an Instagram Story that they were expecting…some nine months ago, or thereabouts, today Ben and Xtina welcomed Baby Elle’s New Brother, George, into this world! In a post with the announcement, Ben said that both Mother and Baby are doing just fine!     Welcome Baby George and Congratulations to Ben, Xtina […]

The Legendary Batman Is Making His Way Back To The Eden Cinemas!

“A sound like a bat-gloved fist smacking into a cupped palm is what this film delivers: only deafeningly amplified and clarified with crisp, digital precision. It is the sound of all other recent super-hero movies getting their asses well and truly kicked. The Dark Knight is strange, dark, grandiose and mad…” is how The Guardian […]

WATCH: What Exactly Happens at a COVID-19 Vaccine Human Trial?

  You all remember Nas Daily? The international vlogger who had included Malta in his around-the-world expedition, and who had come up with Oh My Malta! This time round, Nas posted a video showing us exactly what exactly happens at a COVID-19 Vaccine Human Trial! “For the first time in 2020, I can see the […]

WATCH: You Can Now Visit St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral in this Special Virtual Tour

  One of the buildings which is easily recognisable when looking at Valletta’s Skyline is St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral.  he cathedral was commissioned by the Dowager Queen Adelaide during a visit to Malta in the 19th Century when she found out that there was no place of Anglican worship on the island. Prior to this Anglican services were held in […]

10-Year Old Asks for Donations to Puttinu Cares Instead of Birthday Gifts

  In a touching gesture of solidarity, Jethro Azzopardi Duca who recently celebrated his 10th Birthday, asked his friends for a donation for Puttinu Cares instead of gifts. His friends obeyed the young man’s instructions and yesterday he presented the NGO with a donation of €335, which will definitely be put to good use.   […]