Watch: MYNT Live Series Ends With A Bang At Verdala

Dancing shoes? Check. Your favourite tipple? Check. Your wildest friends up for a party? Check. But where? On top of a Fort? Or Under our Capital City? Nowhere is off limits for the people behind MYNT, which is why they’re known for their trademark events in some of Malta’s coolest locations. We might not have […]

Here Are The 21 Maltese Localities You Can Watch Fireworks From Tonight

To celebrate the airport re-opening its gates in Malta, 21 localities will be displaying a colourful array of fireworks for everyone from the country to enjoy. A colourful display of fireworks will be going off from 31 different firework rooms. Firework will be going off from: Għargħur San Ġwann Manoel Island Żejtun Għaxaq Żurrieq Gudja […]

WATCH: Eurovision And Hollywood Royalty In One Massive Mashup

  Last week, the long-awaited Will Ferrell Eurovision Movie finally was available for streaming on Netflix, and while it can never replace the contest we all love, it definitely fills the loss which this year’s cancellation brought along with it. With Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams, Pierce Brosnan and Dan Stevens (aka The Beast from Disney’s […]

WATCH: Malta To Get Its First-Ever National Gene Bank

  The new National Gene Bank which was launched yesterday will serve as a national repository for local wild plants as the facility will collect and store seeds, for conservation and later on use in agriculture. This complements the existing investments at the Plant Protection Directorate. The objective of this facility is to support conservation, […]

Malta Is Open As 3,000 Tourists Are Expected Today!

  In scenes which were somewhat surreal after an unprecedented 3-month closure, Malta International Airport opened its doors again and welcomed tourists for the first time in weeks! TVM reported how the new safety measures were in place even when checking-in which now starts before one enters the terminal.     It is expected that […]

UK Prime Minister Uses Malta As An Example Of Obesity To Be Avoided

Earlier this week, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson used Malta as an example while launching an anti-obesity campaign. Boris Johnson said that if people living in the UK do not adapt to a healthier lifestyle, they will end up overtaking Malta as having the highest incidence of obesity in Europe. “We are significantly fatter than […]