Mater Dei Hospital Resuming Visitor Access From Monday 15th June

  In a Facebook Post, Mater Dei Hospital announced that it will be restoring visitor access for patients from Monday 15th June in all its wards, apart from quarantine wards, transition wards (patients awaiting COVID result) and SAMOC wards 1, 2, and hematology. The new visiting hour will be from 5pm to 6pm all throughout […]

Ginormous Jelly Fish Making Its Way To Malta?

Earlier this week a 50cm jellyfish, known as the Stinging Cauliflower, was spotted in the gulf of Trieste in Italy. Now these are some of the largest and rarest kind of jellyfish you can spot in the Mediterranean sea. This jellyfish has only been spotted 4 times in total, including this year (2020 really and […]

8 Beauty-Related Things We All Hate To Admit We’ve Missed

Beauty salons and hairdressers have FINALLY blessed us by opening their doors again and needless to say, everyone and their cousin is quaking, shops are booming, and appointments are filling up faster than the main road outside of Big G’s… Now whilst I honestly didn’t mind binge-watching Netflix and drinking wine practically every day all […]