University of Malta Ranks In Top 8.9% Universities Worldwide

  In yet another sign of success for Malta’s foremost national tertiary education institution, the University of Malta has been ranked in the top 8.9% out of 20,000 universities worldwide. This is according to the Centre for World University Rankings’ (CWUR) latest list, issued online on Monday 8 June. CWUR is a consulting organisation that […]

3,900 Families And More Than 6,000 Children Will Benefit From New In-Work Benefits Rates

  3,900 families and an average of 6,440 children will start benefiting from new incentive rates related to the In-Work Benefit. These families will also enjoy an additional payment of €250 as from July’s next payment. Minister for the Family, Children’s Rights and Social Solidarity Michael Falzon revealed this at a press conference on Friday […]

IN PICTURES: More Photos From The WW2 Shelter Which Was Found Earlier This Week

  Earlier this week, Infrastructure Malta announced that during the re-construction of a new road in Pieta’, a WW2 Shelter with Religious Carvings was discovered, and that discussions are in place to conserve this incredible find in the best way possible. The Archdiocese of Malta’s Official Photographer Ian Noel Pace, has taken a couple of […]

500 Tonnes Of Maltese Potatoes Donated To Feed Half A Million People In Namibia

The issue Malta had with an excess stock of potato over the past couple of weeks, is about to be solved through a humanitarian intervention in Africa. 500 tonnes of potatoes will be exported to Namibia and shared with half a million people living there. Minsiter of Foreign Affairs said that with this humanitarian intervention, […]

Bank of Valletta Staff Donate Bags of Life Through Blood Donations

  Bank of Valletta employees have over the past twelve years donated over 1,300 bags of blood. In fact, the Bank in collaboration with the National Blood Transfusion Service organises three Blood Drives every year and encourages its employees to regularly donate blood to help save lives. “Blood is precious. For those in need of […]

English Language Schools To Reopen On 1st July

The Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations in Malta (FELTOM) is directing its member schools to open their doors in the first week of July as a sign of goodwill, well aware of the significant financial sacrifices they will inevitably have to endure in the present dire circumstances. “We are doing this out of goodwill […]