Financial Assistance On Paying A Deposit On Your First Property As Of Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, 4th June, you can apply for the Home Deposit Scheme. with the Housing Authority. The scheme is aimed at people under 40 who would like to purchase their first property. With this scheme, the Authority will be paying the required deposit, up to 17,500 euro per applicant, and applicants will not be required […]

Matthew James & The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra Team Up To Pay Tribute to COVID-19 Patients

  The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO), in collaboration with the Valletta Cultural Agency (VCA) and with the support of Bank of Valletta (BOV), has launched a music video “Don’t Stop Believin’”, featuring Matthew James Borg. The audiovisual production pays tribute to recovered COVID-19 patients. Originally released by Journey, the song is strongly associated with the […]

Will Weddings Be Allowed By The End Of 2020? Chris Fearne Answers

For the past few months, brides and grooms who planned on getting married anywhere between March and August have been postponing their wedding day to a later date. Speaking to many brides-to-be, a large number postponed to later on in 2020, while others weren’t ready to take the risk, and postponed to 2021. Earlier today, […]

Groups of Not More than 75 Now Allowed In Public Spaces From Friday

  Professor Charmaine Gauci has confirmed that groups of up to 75 People will now be allowed to congregate in public. She said that the legal notice imposing the six-person limit will be lifted on Friday, adding that mass events, as we know them, still cannot take place. Prof Gauci said that with the new […]

Health Ministry Publishes Revised Guidelines For Vulnerable People

Early in the spread of coronavirus in Malta, the Superintendence of Public Health took an important step to protect those who are vulnerable in our community by cocooning them. This measure was considered as a foremost factor in the prevention of deaths from COVID19 by decreasing exposure and reducing the possibility of contagion of vulnerable […]