Outrage As Two Swans Die At San Anton Gardens

  Earlier this morning, on social media, it was revealed that two swans that lived within San Anton Gardens have died. The swans had lived in different ponds in different areas of the garden and water contamination is being excluded as a cause of death. This news was then confirmed. Much like any other public […]

New Initiative Seeks To Create Open Spaces In The Communities

Earlier today a project geared for localities around Malta and Gozo to create open spaces in the cores of their towns and villages, has been launched. The aim of the project is for the cores to be better enjoyed by communities. Through collaboration with Transport Malta, this initiative will see to the closure of squares […]

COVID-19: 2 New Cases, 4 People Recovered In The Past 24 Hours

  In today’s COVID-19 Update, the Superintendent of Public Health, Prof Charmaine Gauci announced that after 1,392 tests which were carried out in the past 24 hours, 2 New Cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed, whilst 4 persons have recovered. This brings the total of cases in Malta to 484, with 407 persons who have […]

Expenditure On Social Benefits Up By Nearly 6% In The First Quarter Of 2020

  The National Statistics Office has released figures which show that Government Spending on social security benefits spending amounted to €243 million between January and March 2020, reflecting a 5.8% from the first quarter of 2019. The NSO specified that the rise in social outlay was not in relation to the newly introduced COVID-19 benefits, as […]

Population And Housing Census To Be Held In October 2021

  The National Statistics Office has announced that Malta’s Population and Housing Census, the 18th in a line of national censuses conducted since 1842, will be held next year during the month of October. The Census is a snapshot of the people residing in Malta and the dwelling stock at a point in time. Census […]

Beach Havens To Eventually Discover All Around The Maltese Islands

  The heat is slowly reaching summer levels, and with all the social distancing in place, many are taking to their boats to escape and relax for a day. The sea brings with it calm and serenity – the sound of waves crashing against the rocky shores, fresh sea air – all these elements bring […]