The Stages Of Getting Your Assignments Done During Quarantine

Because apparently this “online school” thing involves “school” … Panicking at the amount of assignments that have been added all of a sudden A moment of silence for all the students that prefer exams over assignments. We’re thinking of you. ^ actual footage of me checking my to do list. Trying to find a crumb […]

COVID-19: No New Cases Reported in the Past 24 Hours – 33 Persons Recovered

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister For Health, Chris Fearne has made the announcement in a joint press conference with Prof Charmaine Gauci. Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne said that in the next days the current precautionary measures will be changed, amended, updated or relaxed so that social life can go back to what was considered […]

WATCH: Dolphins Spotted at Sliema Shore!

For the second time in just under a month, dolphins have been spotted in Sliema, this time venturing extremely close to the coast of Tigné. A FIRST for Malta! 😍🐬🐬🥰 Dolphins spotted off Sliema! A FIRST for Malta! 😍🐬🐬🥰 Dolphins spotted off Sliema as pollution levels decline due to coronavirus! 💙😱🌊💎☀😎😍 All clouds have a […]