IN PHOTOS: Reading Garden in Gudja Vandalised

A post has been doing the rounds on socials to raise awareness on a vandalised reading garden in Gudja. One person shares an emotional message on Facebook about how a garden created for tranquility and peace while reading, has become massacred.   “Why is this damage and vandalism being allowed? Why aren’t there any surveillance […]

10 Things Only People Who Aren’t That Great at Makeup Will Relate To

Everyone in the beauty world is contoured, highlighted, lip plumped and winged to absolute perfection… aaand then there are those who avoid using foundation because they still don’t know how to flawlessly blend it in. Makeup is incredible, I love it, and some beauty gurus out there are damn artists with their makeup brushes and […]

WATCH: Police Officer’s Rendition of a Gospel Song goes Viral

  Mervin Mayo, a Police Office from Richmond, Virgina, who happens to also be a singer “since the age of eight or nine years old, beginning in the church choir,” posted a video of himself on the 4th Marchrehearsing Marvin Sapp’s “The Best in Me” for church the following Sunday.   When everyone else around […]