We’ve Found The Perfect Hangout to Get You Buzzing on a Friday!

We all adore Fridays … it’s the start of the weekend, we can all take it a bit easier at work (don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss) and we’re all making after work plans. Happy hour alone doesn’t always cut it, we need something with a bit more fun in it to kick-start our […]

Destiny’s Eurovision Entry is Getting Nothing but Praise

Destiny dropped her Eurovision entry less than 24 hours ago, and the comments on YouTube have been flooding in. People have got nothing but praise for our ESC entry this year. Now I’m not trying to hype us up or anything… It’s only that Sweden tried to do us dirty by choosing three Destinys to […]

WATCH: Van Catches Fire in the Middle of Birgu

Footage just emerged of a van bursting into flames earlier today in the middle of a street in Birgu. The video was posted on Instagram by SideStreet. View this post on Instagram 🚨EXCLUSIVE : Van catches fire in the middle of a Birgu street 😱😱 “I heard a pop sound from outside and when I […]

WATCH: Jeffree Star was Coming to Malta!

If you were following Bay Breakfast with Daniel and Ylenia this morning then you will have most definitely heard about this. Make-up Extraordinaire and Businessman Jeffree Star (yeah, the one with 16M followers) has revealed that his plans to come to Malta had to be kind of cancelled as he will not be flying for […]

8 Must-Have Food Items During Lent

As in many cultures, food is an integral part of Maltese culture and tradition. Come Lent, which starts on the first Wednesday after Carnival and ends on Easter Sunday many look forward to traditional foods and embrace this period. Now this may contradict what Lent is about- abstinence and sacrifice- but we wouldn’t be Maltese […]