WATCH: La Casa Del Papel Season 4 Trailer is FINALLY OUT!

The full trailer for season 4 of Netflix’s La Casa de Papel a.k.a Money Heist is finally here, and reader, I gasped – we all did!     The trailer opens right where season 3 left off: Nairobi is fighting for her life, Lisbon is in police custody, and The Professor is on the run. But in a plot […]

SPOTTED: Pony Randomly Makes Its Way to Zurrieq Car Park

“Min ckuniti xtaqt li kelli ziemel, izda flus biex nixtrieh ma kellix. Mort staqstejt lid-daddy, ghedtlu daddy tini l-flus ha nixtri ziemel pls. Qalli son jekk trid il-flus mur ahdem, jekk trid tixtri ziemel gemma alih Ghaliex jien mhux ha ntik penny, biex tixtri l poni….” Don’t know if you know about Xtruppaw’s timeless classic […]

InterContinental Have Opened a Sleek New Bar and We’re Living For It!!

Picture this: a jaw-dropping bar backdrop stocked with priceless bottles of the finest spirits, all tended to by the award-winning bars team. A menu with a wide selection of hot chocolates, coffees and classic cocktails given a unique and classy twist.  This is what awaits you at the newly opened Brass Bar in the heart […]

Wignacourt Tower Commemorates quite a Milestone!

  The year is 1610. The day is the 10th February. On this day, the first foundation stone of Wignacourt Tower was laid. Cut to 410 years later, in 2020. Last 10th February, the firing cannon on top of the tower, which was, was fired, breaking centuries of silence, to commemorate this impressive milestone.   […]