WATCH: Popular UK Radio Talk Host Has Some Great Advice for Those Visiting Malta

It seems like travellers to and from Malta are in limbo about whether they should cancel their travel plans for fear of being exposed to the virus sweeping the globe. A concern about travelling to Malta amidst the Coronavirus crises even popped up on popular station LBC, the London-based national phone-in and talk radio station, […]

10 Photos of Malta That Will Leave You In Awe

There’s no better way to show off Malta’s heritage and culture than through some killer snapshots that capture some of our favourite sights. Here are some of our favourite pictures of some of our local treasures… View this post on Instagram Right now, we're getting some rest from our full day at the Blue Lagoon […]

WATCH: Maltese Man Swims With Wild Dolphins

Abraham Sammut has basically just lived every animal lover’s dream – to swim with wild dolphins. “They have been visiting us regularly for months, over a year I think, and every now and then I make sure to give them some fish to eat. I don’t give them fish every day, because I don’t want […]

Light at the end of the Tunnel? – US Company States It Has Completed a Coronavirus Vaccine

A group of scientists at Greffex, a Houston, Texas-based genetic engineering company, claim they’ve created a coronavirus vaccine. The company told the Houston Business Journal that it had completed development of the vaccine and it is ready for animal testing and review by US regulators. It comes after UK scientists announced they’d begun testing their shot, and […]

10 Gorgeous Photos from all Over the Maltese Islands

Lately we have come across an Instagram profile which we are falling in love with, as it offers some gorgeous images from all over the Maltese Islands, and beyond. James Scicluna, a Maltese final-year Medical Student has photography as a hobby, and we feel nothing but an urge to tell him to continue. Speaking to […]

The real reason our lives have been a mess this week

Has your life recently gone to shambles? Yeah … same. And according to astrology enthusiasts, the answer lies … in the planets. The alleged source of our distress is Mercury Retrograde, an astronomical event which happens a few times a year when our planet’s position makes Mercury appear to be orbiting in reverse. This apparently […]