Coronavirus Holiday Crisis?

Travellers to and from Malta are in limbo about whether they should cancel their travel plans for fear of being exposed to the virus sweeping the globe. A press release by the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority has shed some light on what happens in cases where your travel plans coincide with countries affected […]

Malta Marathon: Precautionary Measures Announced

Earlier today, applicants of next Sunday’s Malta Marathon received an important update with information relating to precautionary measures being taken in relation to the Coronavirus saga. These measures are being taken following instructions from the local health authorities, and are two-fold. Applicants that would have flown to Malta from the high-risk countries and/or provinces which […]

Hallelujah! Rain is Hitting Malta, But Not Over The Weekend

It seems like every Maltese farmer’s prayer is being answered as rain is forecast to hit the island early next week. Best part of all, we still have a sunny weekend ahead of us that we can enjoy. Now we’re pretty sure you remember Storm Dnegel, in February last year. All hell broke loose with […]

Titanic II in the Works. No, Not the Movie!

That’s right, The Blue Star Line Company is currently working on the production of Titanic II. Announced in 2012, once completed, the ship will make its maiden voyage from Dubai, towards New York City. This means that it will be passing along some parts of the route which are identical to the one and only […]

These Books Written Decades Ago Predicted the Coronavirus…

If this were a video or a TV Series, I’d start things off with the X Files theme song… because from here on out, it only gets creepier. Two books written in 1981 and 2008 respectively predicted the coronavirus outbreak and if I’m being honest, this just gave me the heebie jeebies. The Eyes of […]

WATCH: Viral London Underground Singer performs on The Ellen Show!

A few days ago, on The Bay Drive, Pierre and Taryn spoke of one of the most viral videos doing the rounds last week. The video featured prankster Kevin Freshwater stopping random people at various London Underground Stations and challenging them to “finish the lyrics”. One of these people was Charlotte Awbery, from Romford, London. […]