BREAKING NEWS: Congratulations are in order to Ben and Xtina!

From all of us at Bay, congratulations to Ben Camille and Xtina as they have just announced that they are expecting their second child! So Ben was giving his followers a tour of their new house on Instagram. When they got to Baby Elle’s room, Xtina got a tiny bit overexcited and said that “this […]

AFM soldiers get two ‘yeses’ at Dublin Castle, Ireland

Two Maltese officer-cadets had a lovely surprise in store for their significant others during their commissioning ceremony in Ireland. The class of 2019/20 included six Maltese recruits who had trained at the Cadet School in the Curragh. But this year’s class got more than they bargained for when Second Lieutenant Neil Spiteri and Second Lieutenant […]

WATCH: Some of the most popular coronavirus myths debunked

A video by Science Insider has asked two pathologists, Stephen Morse and Syra Madad, to explain common myths and misconceptions all of us have had at some point or another about the coronavirus. From whether wearing a mask will prevent you getting the virus, to if coronavirus  came from eating bat soup, this video explains […]

“Aremm il-Gap Hi”: Maltese Metro is a Step Closer to Becoming Reality.

What for years has always been “a good idea” which “might work” seems to be a step closer to becoming a reality. Following our exclusive look at the new fast ferries heading to Malta soon, news has now reached us about another means of mass public transportation. Photo: Johnathan Galea’s Impression of What Our Stations […]

FIRST-LOOK: Semi-Transparent LED Screen for Eurovision Stage

It is no secret that we have a particular affection towards the Eurovision Song Contest – make that an obsession! Now that X Factor Malta is over and Destiny will be Malta’s Ambassador in May, our attention shifts to Netherlands and the Ahoy Arena. The Danish host broadcaster and the EBU have revealed more details […]