Merkel: “Shootings in Hanau have Exposed the ‘Poison’ of Racism in German Society.”

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, has condemned the deadly shooting which happened in Hanau on Wednesday night and said they exposed the “poison” of racism in German society. Speaking in Berlin, a few hours after the attack happened, Merkel confirmed the early indications which suggested that this was a racist, far-right attack, and, as also confirmed by […]

WATCH: Pete Buttigieg Butchers Maltese Phrase

As we hear more about half Maltese Pete Buttigieg, who’s running for president of the USA, one question keeps popping up in our heads … he may have Maltese heritage, but can he actually speak Maltese? Well folks, we heard him say a few sentences a while back, but I’m afraid today we got another […]

KSJC Creates a Safe Space for Students

We all know that the surroundings we are in, are of crucial importance in our everyday lives. They have an effect on how we think, on whether we concentrate or not, and on the way we talk. This is exactly what KSJC has kept in mind when remodelling their office and their space on Campus […]

8 Nostalgic Carnival Photos From Times Gone By

Carnival is always an occasion for the Maltese and Gozitans to go out, socialise, and have fun – but then, what isn’t? As far as my memory serves me, I always recall a trip to Valletta on one of the Carnival Days to see the floats, enjoy the atmosphere, feast on Perlini and Prinjolata, and […]

10 Last Minute Non-Basic Costume Ideas for Carnival Weekend

So you’re going out this weekend and you still don’t know what to wear? I’ve got you covered with 10 NON-BASIC, easy costume ideas that are sure to impress the 500 devils and Indians running around you. An X Factor Judge … or if you want to make it a group costume, all four X […]

Here is What The Weather Will Be Like For Carnival Weekend…And It’s Good News!

For many of you today is probably the last day of work before finding courage to face the Gozo-Carnival queue tomorrow. In case you haven’t packed yet, we have asked the lovely people at Maltese Islands Weather about this weekend’s weather. (Thank us later!) Following great news from Malta’s Met Office that January was the […]