WATCH: Trump claims Maltese surname Buttigieg is ‘unpronounceable’

The shade of it all…. THE SHADE!!! Current president of the USA has officially named ultra popular Maltese surname ‘Buttigieg’ unpronounceable. “They call him Mayor Pete because no one can pronounce his last name.” In a nutshell, Trump goes onto a mini rant of how ridiculous Buttigieg is as a surname. I don’t know about […]

The 10 Types of Professors you’ll Experience at UOM

With schools around the island closed for the rest of the academic year, we  thought it’s time we celebrate some of our country’s fine educators – the professors. If you’re a student at UOM, then you’ve surely come across this fascinating species that dominate the campus – and I’ve narrowed them down to 10… The […]

5 Movies for Every Kind of Couple this Valentine’s Day

Choosing a place to hang out on Valentine’s Day can be a real pain. You probably go out to eat every other week, so dinner gets boring after a while. But it’s Valentine’s Day, so you’ve got to do something special together. Combine your two loves tis valentine’s day and head over to Eden Cinemas. […]

New Dnegel? Malta Picks Some Questionable Names for a Baby Girl…

A post on popular Facebook group Are You Being Served asked for some suggestions for baby girl names… You would think that the nation learned from the last time this happened … I think we all remember the Dnegel situation. But alas, over 200 people have given their contribution with names they deem fit for […]