Destiny to represent Malta in Eurovision 2020

Wish we could say we’re surprised, but every performance has been leading up to this very moment. From the first time she sang ‘Giving Myself’ in the room auditions, to her last performances – ‘Fejn Stahbejtli’ and ‘He Lives in You’, Destiny has given us a 110% every.single.time. Destiny | X Factor Malta Season 02 […]

Our predictions for tonight’s X Factor Malta Finale

The wait is finally over. In a few minutes, Maltese families and close friends all around the island will gather around their TV screen, in front of a coffee table full of party food (it’s the closest we’ll get to MESC night) to watch the final episode of X Factor Malta season 2. Destiny, F.A.I.T.H, […]

First super-moon of 2020 happening this weekend

The first celestial event for this year, and this decade will be taking place tomorrow, and it will give us the best view of the moon in almost a year. This phenomenon, which is traditionally called the Snow Moon will be the first of four super moons set to take place in 2020, and will […]

Feeling cold? We’ve found the perfect blanket to keep you warm.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you… that’s an actual pizza blanket. Someone went and created a blanket that looks like a pizza and we are living for every.single.second of it. I mean, look at it. All my pizza loving dreams are being fulfilled. And you know what the best thing is? It’s supposed to […]

Malta reacts to the ‘Kurunavirus’

We’ve been hearing a lot about the ‘Coronavirus’ that has infected thousands of people across the globe, and has, so far, taken hundreds of lives. Despite no suspected case of the virus in Malta, health authorities are taking all necessary precautions, preparing for the possibility. Screening are being done at the airport whenever someone travels […]