Google Maps rolls out new features we didn’t know we needed

For its 15th birthday, Google maps has rolled out some new features that we never knew we desperately needed. The Google Maps “explore” tab offers reviews and details regarding restaurants, shops, theatres and other venues, taking advantage of location-sensing capabilities in smartphones. A “commute” tab in the Maps application promises to deliver efficient routes to […]

Malta reveals which ‘teledrammi’ we’d like remade into a Netflix series

We may love making a mockery at the production level of our beloved ‘teledrammi’, but every year, we sit in front of our television screens, and religiously watch the latest teledramm to hit our island. From Bahar Wiehed to L-Gharusa, we’ve watched them, and although we might not readily admit, we LOVED every, single second […]

Should Malta follow in Finland’s footsteps?

Finland has announced plans to offer men and women equal paid parental leave, as well as an extension of the total family allowance from 11.5 months to just over 14 months. The Finnish government said that both parents would get a paid leave allowance of 164 days, each. Pregnant women will get another month on […]